Intensive Courses

AB Medical academy offers various classroom programmes for Class XI, XII and Class-XII Passed Out students. The programme are designed to guide hard-working and sincere students for ultimate success in NEET/AIIMS and Various All India State Examination.

Regular One Year Course for NEET/AIIMS:

In this course students are provided with deep understanding of syllabus of medical examinations. Theories with shortcuts and tricks for easy grasping is focused . the whole course will be covered by two months before entrance . students will be given time for self studies and regular tests will be conducted to mark a student performance.

Eligibility : only 12th passed students are eligible for this programme

Regular Integrated Course for NEET/AIIMS:

Keeping in mind for XI & XII continuing students( CBSE & CHSE) we provide integrated programmes of in all subjects i.e phy, maths, bio, chem which will help them to excel them board & entrances exams.

Eligibility : XI and XII continuing students

Special Crash Course for NEET/AIIMS:

If you are late for taking a step towards preparing for medical entrance examination don't worry, we provide a special crash course integrated programme to achieve your medical dreams.

“If a child can't learn the way we teach , may be we should teach the way they learn.”

Director's Message


Dear students,
The medical profession, the most prestigious one for building career, is a highly competitive option. Only candidates with clear conceptual knowledge and through preparation are able to secure admission in top medical colleges.

I believe that every student has potential to succeed, but this can be possible by appropriate guidance of his/her guru. A strong grasp on physics and chemistry, an exhaustive knowledge on Biology and a good examination temperament are prerequisites for securing a qualifying rank in various medical entrance examination.

With an impressive infrastructure ,unmatched expertise and emphasis on detail,our centres are providing result-oriented coaching to all AIIMS and NEET aspirants.Our focus is excellence and to achieve this we take care of even minute details of each students.

I wish all of our students a very successful academy year ahead.Your aspiration is our inspiration and your destination is our reputation.

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